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  • Ngri : Mady Keita

    Ngri : Mady Keita

    Mady Keita plays Ngri for his drum students in Australia.

  • Suku : Issou Keita

    Suku : Issou Keita

    This is a clean Bamako version of Suku (Soli Rapide) with clear language and minimal embellishments. Issou (Student of Matche Traore, and son to Michael Tivier of Wassoulou Percussions) plays through a sequence twice – the second time is faster with more force. We like this video because: This video is good for studying. The […]

  • Sunu : Karim Coulibaly

    Sunu : Karim Coulibaly

    Karim Coulibaly (Featured as a guest soloist on Sega Sidibe’s most recent release) and another guy (possibly Sheik Oumar Traore) play Sunu in Bamako.  The first guy plays his solo mostly with tones and closed slaps, just like they do in Kaarta, the area Sunu comes from. We like this video because: There are no dununs […]

  • Farabakan : Sega Sidibe

    Farabakan : Sega Sidibe

    This is a fantastic rendition of Farabakan, or “Kalabanka”, as Sega says it was originally called. According to a thread on, Sega has been known to say that this rhythm was played without dundun until more recently. So in this video, he gets to show the older version of the rhythm.

  • Ngri, Suku : Mamadou Sidibe

    Ngri, Suku : Mamadou Sidibe

    Mamadou Sidibe, plays Ngri and Suku (or Maninka Mory Foli, as it’s sometimes called in Tamba) with Samba Traore on Accompaniment. We like this video because: In this video, there are no dunduns, but they play djembe with remarkable melody. Mamadou plays with juicy techniques like the tone roll, and closed slaps. Just like Famoudou […]

  • Madan : Madou Sako

    Madan : Madou Sako

    Ahhh.. Madou Sako. Really tasty and melodic stuff in this video. He starts clowning around a bit toward the middle of the video and then brings it back ’round for the grand finale! We like this video because: Madou’s soloing in this vid is a good example of how to begin with the core of the rhythm, […]

  • Ngri : Kuba Pogorzelski

    Ngri : Kuba Pogorzelski

  • Djembe Soloing : Bolokada Conde

    Djembe Soloing : Bolokada Conde

  • Ngri : Mamadou Sidibe

    Ngri : Mamadou Sidibe