music: Mendiani

  • Mendiani Dance : Mariam Diakite

    Mendiani Dance : Mariam Diakite

  • Mendiani : Drissa Kone

    Mendiani : Drissa Kone

    For this rendition of Mendiani, Drissa Kone is accompanied by Jeremy Chevrier on djembe and Banou Sidibe on dunduns. Mendiani is one of Drissa’s strongest rhythms. He was fortunate enough to have learned much from Fasiriman Keita, the former drummer for Daba Keita. Daba is the Malian drummer and dancer credited with creating the Malinke group “Troupe Mendiani.” in the […]

  • Mendiani : Madou Sako

    Mendiani : Madou Sako

    This is a clean, solid rendition of Mendiani by Madou Sako and one dundun player on ballet style dunduns. Madou’s playing is really tasty. In this video, he plays pure, no-frills Mendiani without making it dry and boring. It’s very interesting to watch his basses in this video. Some cool stuff going on there. He […]

  • Mendiani, Tansole, Maraka + More : Daouda Doumbia

    Mendiani, Tansole, Maraka + More : Daouda Doumbia

    Daouda Doumbiya sings songs and plays some very nice phrasing for a handful of djembe rhythms in Segou, Mali. We Like this Video Because: Daouda sings some songs that are easy to hear. He plays phrases that mark the dance. He uses some closed and muted slaps for melody. Daouda is a great player, and […]

  • Mendiani : Adama Coulibaly

    Mendiani : Adama Coulibaly

    If you haven’t seen this yet, watch it now! Adama plays an awesome rendition of Mendiani in Kangaba, Mali. We like this video because: Kangaba is in the heart of Mande. This video shows a “Mali version” of Mendiani, smack dab in its native habitat. Adama is obviously very comfortable with Mendiani. It’s great to see […]

  • Mendiani : Adama Keita

    Mendiani : Adama Keita

    Adama Keita plays 3 base solo phrases for Mendiani. First he plays alone. Then, later in the video, he plays variations with an ensemble. Adama plays the phrases clearly and repeats for a while, so the beginning of this video is useful for someone wanting a clear example of that infamous 3 on 4 Mendiani solo.

  • Mendiani : Amara Kante

    Mendiani : Amara Kante

  • Mendiani : Mady Keita

    Mendiani : Mady Keita

    Mady Keita plays Mendiani in Australia. Keep those rascally students in line, Mady! This video is over 8 minutes long, and full of good Mendiani. We can see Mady’s hands clearly, and the tempo is slow enough to pick up most of what he’s doing. Key Moments: 2:17 – Wise words from Mr. Keita

  • Mendiani : Adama Coulibaly

    Mendiani : Adama Coulibaly

    Adama Coulibaly has some fun with Mendiani in Kangaba. His student plays accompaniment. In this video, Bala plays an interesting dundun variation that is unique. Has anyone heard it anywhere before? Key Moments: 2:05 – The dancing guy gets so inspired, that he reaches for a nearby kid, who he then starts tossing around.  

  • Mendiani Ceremony : Koumana, Guinea

    Mendiani Ceremony : Koumana, Guinea