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  • Mendiani : Drissa Kone

    Mendiani : Drissa Kone

    For this rendition of Mendiani, Drissa Kone is accompanied by Jeremy Chevrier on djembe and Banou Sidibe on dunduns. Mendiani is one of Drissa’s strongest rhythms. He was fortunate enough to have learned much from Fasiriman Keita, the former drummer for Daba Keita. Daba is the Malian drummer and dancer credited with creating the Malinke group “Troupe Mendiani.” in the […]

  • Village Djembe Documentary

    Village Djembe Documentary

    The short documentary by Jeremy Chevrier of Rootsyrecords features Sega Cisse and other villagers from the area of Fuladugu, west of Bamako. There are a lot of familiar rhythms and dances featured in this video, and it’s nice to see footage of them from Fuladugu in contrast to Bamako. Key Moments: 0:00 Jeremy Chevrier Plays the intro […]

  • Sunu : Jeremy Chevrier, Sega Cisse

    Sunu : Jeremy Chevrier, Sega Cisse

    Here we see Jeremy and Sega Cisse trading solos for Sunu in a session at the Djembe Hotel in Bamako. Jeremy Chevrier doesn’t often solo on camera, so this is a rare treat indeed! Jeremy’s playing is sweet and juicy, and it’s obvious that Sega is having a good time playing with him.

  • Madan : Sega Cisse

    Madan : Sega Cisse

  • Matche Traore, Erich Huffaker, and Jeremy Chevrier

    Matche Traore, Erich Huffaker, and Jeremy Chevrier