people: Madou Sako

  • Mendiani : Madou Sako

    Mendiani : Madou Sako

    This is a clean, solid rendition of Mendiani by Madou Sako and one dundun player on ballet style dunduns. Madou’s playing is really tasty. In this video, he plays pure, no-frills Mendiani without making it dry and boring. It’s very interesting to watch his basses in this video. Some cool stuff going on there. He […]

  • Madan : Madou Sako

    Madan : Madou Sako

    Ahhh.. Madou Sako. Really tasty and melodic stuff in this video. He starts clowning around a bit toward the middle of the video and then brings it back ’round for the grand finale! We like this video because: Madou’s soloing in this vid is a good example of how to begin with the core of the rhythm, […]