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Recent Djembe Videos

Komo : Daouda Doumbia

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Sunu : Lamine Traore

0 Views0 Comments

Ngri : Rainer Polak, Gerhard Kero

0 Views0 Comments

Mendiani Dance : Mariam Diakite

0 Views0 Comments

Madan Dance : Mariam Diakite

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Ngri : Mady Keita

0 Views0 Comments

Mady Keita plays Ngri for his drum students in Australia.

Recent Interview Videos

Djembe Interview : Jesse Servin

0 Views0 Comments

New interview with my long-time friend and musical cohort, Jesse Servin. Jesse is an exceptional musician, and one of my favorite people to play with. Jesse and I hang out in Jesse's living room in California and ...

Djembe Interview : Greg Fletcher

0 Views0 Comments

Long time drummer Greg Fletcher talks about some of his experiences studying and playing djembe music. In this interview, Greg talks about many ideas, including his thoughts on finding a good teacher and how to be ...

Djembe Interview : Isaiah Chevrier

0 Views0 Comments

Isaiah has been playing djembe since he was a toddler. You may know Isaiah as the famous "4 year old djembe drummer" on Youtube. His Youtube videos were also featured on Oprah after they went viral. Some of this...

Drumming Insights

What Style Do You Play?

0 Views0 Comments

Some people say that a true Djembe Master is required to play all styles and rhythms. Don't be fooled by this statement. There may be some truth to it, but it's misleading. If you misunderstand it, you'll tend to w...

Is It My Turn to Solo Yet?

32 Views0 Comments

Originally published August 2004 by Jeremy Chevrier on his Djembe Essays Blog. My teacher always emphasizes the value of good accompaniment. Accompaniment is number one. If a djembe player cannot play really go...

Problems With The Phrases-Based Approach to Djembe

36 Views0 Comments

I recommend you adopt a themes-based approach to djembe rather than a phrases-based approach. If your teacher or someone else seems infinitely better than you at djembe, a theme-based approach may be one of th...

A Theme-Based Approach to Soloing

60 Views2 Comments

The difference between a phrase-based and theme-based approach to djembe is profound. It may be one of the biggest reasons why many students will never sound like their African teachers - no matter how long or har...