Series: Handing Series

  • The 4 Handing Systems

    The 4 Handing Systems

    Four notable handing techniques to consider when playing djembe are: Hand-Over-Hand (as your default handing) Leading with your Dominant Hand (as your secondary handing) Random Handing (to be used when needed in certain situations) Alternating Hands (as a practice exercise) These four types of handing dictate which hand hits the drum for any given note of a djembe accompaniment […]

  • Intro to Hand-Over-Hand

    Intro to Hand-Over-Hand

    Keep Your Hands Moving Hand-Over-Hand is a technique where you keep your hands moving while you play. Your hands move up and down constantly, alternating back and forth, sometimes even pitter-pattering on the notes you don’t play (ghost notes). Think of it as moving your hands as if you’re playing the goloba (echauffment) – even when […]

  • 5 Ways HOH Technique Can Help You

    5 Ways HOH Technique Can Help You

    Adopting Hand Over Hand takes a bit of work, but for us it’s been WELL worth the effort. In the long run, it saves you time and energy, and helps you spot commonalities you might not have noticed before. Benefits of Using HOH 1. Improve Your Timing HOH can improve your timing because the consistency […]