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  • Don’t Force Your Entire Repertoire

    Don’t Force Your Entire Repertoire

    One of the main things you can do to improve the quality of your solo is to decrease the quantity of different solo phrases. Forcing Your Repertoire Many people try to sound better by running through a large repertoire of phrases when they solo. In just a few minutes, they play everything they’ve learned for the rhythm, and […]

  • The Soloist’s Progression: Theme-Based Soloing

    The Soloist’s Progression: Theme-Based Soloing

    The soloists progression is a basic formula for a good solo. It’s not to be followed rigidly. In fact, the whole point is to increase fluidity and let your solo progress organically. The concept of the soloists progression should be understood, and then used as a guide. Don’t underestimate it’s power. Using the soloists progression will, in […]

  • Slicing & Building

    Slicing & Building

    Working with “slicing and building” is how we refer to one of the most ancient soloing techniques in djembe music. It’s done by taking a basic phrase and extending or shortening it to build and release musical tension.  This is usually done by either doubling the length of the phrase, or slicing it in half. In theme-based soloing, slicing & building is one of the […]