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  • Intro to Hand-Over-Hand

    Intro to Hand-Over-Hand

    Keep Your Hands Moving Hand-Over-Hand is a technique where you keep your hands moving while you play. Your hands move up and down constantly, alternating back and forth, sometimes even pitter-pattering on the notes you don’t play (ghost notes). Think of it as moving your hands as if you’re playing the goloba (echauffment) – even when […]

  • Learning Mode vs. Playing Mode

    Learning Mode vs. Playing Mode

    At times, we’re too heady while playing, affecting timing, flow, spontaneity, and the general feeling of the music. What Happens? Deep thought and analysis help us gain a better understanding of djembe music. (When we’re not playing it.) Thinking takes time, so it can become a problem when playing music. Thinking while I play doesn’t help me play any better […]

  • The Endangered Three – Oldstyle Djembe

    The Endangered Three – Oldstyle Djembe

    Think of “Roots” djembe music like Roots Reggae, Classic Rock, or Oldies. It’s old-style music from a few generations back.  Djembe music is changing. Today, younger people usually play modernized djembe music with a whole different set of tastes and motivations. The classic style is dying along with the old masters who grew up playing […]

  • How To Anchor Yourself To The Beat

    How To Anchor Yourself To The Beat

    Once you understand where the beat is, then you can move on to apply proper swing to your playing. Did you know there are a couple of musical elements you can easily look to when you want to find and anchor yourself to the beat? Doing this will make it possible to play with swing later. […]