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  • Ngri : Papus Zani

    Ngri : Papus Zani

  • Komo : Daouda Doumbia

    Komo : Daouda Doumbia

  • Sunu : Lamine Traore

    Sunu : Lamine Traore

  • Maraka : Matche Traore

    Maraka : Matche Traore

    Matche Traore demonstrates the rhythm Maraka accompanied by Jesse Servin, and Aaron in Bamako. January 2016.

  • Sogoninkun, Ngri : Seydou Balo

    Sogoninkun, Ngri : Seydou Balo

    Seydou Balo plays two rhythms from his home region of Wassoulou. First Sogoninkun and then Ngri. We like this video because: Seydou and konkoni player Madou Diakite take us through different movements of these rhythms with the ups and downs typical of Wassoulou drumming.

  • Maraka : Mady Keita

    Maraka : Mady Keita

    Mady Keita goes through many root solo phrases for Maraka in this demonstration with Matche Traore playing konkoni. It’s a great video to study because the phrasing is very clear, even if it is somewhat dry.

  • Maraka : Khalifa “Mao” Berthe

    Maraka : Khalifa “Mao” Berthe

    This video is from the Kangaba area south of Bamako. The guy’s name is Khalifa Berthe, but he is known as “Mao.” Before his death, Mao was one of the main drummers from Kangaba., He sure can play! This video demonstrates how with good timing and phrasing, and active accompaniment, an ensemble can play high-energy […]

  • Mendiani, Tansole, Maraka + More : Daouda Doumbia

    Mendiani, Tansole, Maraka + More : Daouda Doumbia

    Daouda Doumbiya sings songs and plays some very nice phrasing for a handful of djembe rhythms in Segou, Mali. We Like this Video Because: Daouda sings some songs that are easy to hear. He plays phrases that mark the dance. He uses some closed and muted slaps for melody. Daouda is a great player, and […]

  • N’Gri : Seydou Balo, Drissa Kone

    N’Gri : Seydou Balo, Drissa Kone

    Seydou Balo and Drissa Kone play Ngri in Bamako. They each solo with their own unique style. We like this video because: Seydou and Drissa both play with their own unique style. It’s nice to see the contrast. Seydou plays Ngri with a more Wassolon playing style, which is where this rhythm is from. They […]

  • Sumalen : Drissa Kone

    Sumalen : Drissa Kone

    Drissa Kone and his chums play a rhythm called Sumalen – and man, is it ever groovy! We like this video because: This is a very musical rendition of Sumalen. It’s a pleasure to watch. There are very few videos of this rhythm on the web. It’s also one of the few examples of using […]

  • Ceremony In Bamako : Seydou Keita

    Ceremony In Bamako : Seydou Keita

    Seydou Keita plays djembe tastefully at this ceremony in Bamako. Do you know the name of this rhythm and dance? We like this video because: Seydou is a younger guy with great energy, but unlike many young djembe players in Bamako, he respects each rhythm’s special flavor. It’s a good study reference. Tisanba doesn’t show up […]

  • Mendiani : Adama Coulibaly

    Mendiani : Adama Coulibaly

    If you haven’t seen this yet, watch it now! Adama plays an awesome rendition of Mendiani in Kangaba, Mali. We like this video because: Kangaba is in the heart of Mande. This video shows a “Mali version” of Mendiani, smack dab in its native habitat. Adama is obviously very comfortable with Mendiani. It’s great to see […]

  • Dansa : Matche Traore, Souleye Sidibe

    Dansa : Matche Traore, Souleye Sidibe

    Matche and his teacher Souleye Sidibe play djembe solo for Dansa. Matche plays in a very “Bamako” style and Souleye plays in a very “Wassolon” style. We like this video because: We love these videos where two people play djembe solo with quite different styles. The contrast helps us hone in on the rhythm’s essence […]

  • Sunu : Jeremy Chevrier, Sega Cisse

    Sunu : Jeremy Chevrier, Sega Cisse

    Here we see Jeremy and Sega Cisse trading solos for Sunu in a session at the Djembe Hotel in Bamako. Jeremy Chevrier doesn’t often solo on camera, so this is a rare treat indeed! Jeremy’s playing is sweet and juicy, and it’s obvious that Sega is having a good time playing with him.

  • Bamanafoli : Matche Traore

    Bamanafoli : Matche Traore

    Matche Traore demonstrates Bamana Foli at the Djembe Hotel in Bamako, Mali. We like this video because: We haven’t found too many videos of Bamanafoli being played. The djembe and dundun playing for this rhythm are pretty similar to Suku. You may also hear this dundun part played as a variation inside of Suku sometimes. Matche […]

  • Suku : Seny Toure

    Suku : Seny Toure

    Seny runs through a sequence of clean, clear phrasing for Suku a couple of times. Then he loosens up a bit and plays some impromptu variations on the foundation he has just set. Great study video! Seny mostly uses hand-over-hand playing technique throughout. The phrasing he uses is a bit modern, but clearly rooted in the essence […]

  • Madan : Sine Dante

    Madan : Sine Dante

  • Sogoninkun : Aruna Sidibe

    Sogoninkun : Aruna Sidibe

  • Sogoninkun : Seydou Balo

    Sogoninkun : Seydou Balo

  • Mendiani : Amara Kante

    Mendiani : Amara Kante

  • Mendiani : Mady Keita

    Mendiani : Mady Keita

    Mady Keita plays Mendiani in Australia. Keep those rascally students in line, Mady! This video is over 8 minutes long, and full of good Mendiani. We can see Mady’s hands clearly, and the tempo is slow enough to pick up most of what he’s doing. Key Moments: 2:17 – Wise words from Mr. Keita

  • Tansole/Dansa Dance : Bamako, Mali

    Tansole/Dansa Dance : Bamako, Mali

  • Mendiani : Adama Coulibaly

    Mendiani : Adama Coulibaly

    Adama Coulibaly has some fun with Mendiani in Kangaba. His student plays accompaniment. In this video, Bala plays an interesting dundun variation that is unique. Has anyone heard it anywhere before? Key Moments: 2:05 – The dancing guy gets so inspired, that he reaches for a nearby kid, who he then starts tossing around.  

  • Madan : Sega Cisse

    Madan : Sega Cisse