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Village Djembe Documentary

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The short documentary by Jeremy Chevrier of Rootsyrecords features Sega Cisse and other villagers from the area of Fuladugu, west of Bamako. There are a lot of familiar rhythms and dances featured in this video, an...

Festival : Segou, Mali

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Malik Drame plays Bara music on bonkolo at a Bamana festival in Segou Mali. Funky! Bonkolo predates Djembe for the Bamana people. Today, in Mali, ancient rhythms like Bara get played on djembe, too. It's good to ge...

Folklore : Marena, Mali

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Nice playing on low-tuned djembes in Marena, a village north of Kita, Mali. More and more villagers from this region have been uploading videos of their villages' festivities. There's a young player in the group wi...

Korojuga Music : Segou, Mali

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A procession plays Korojuga music and enters a compound in Segu, Mali. We like this video because: In this video we see the group play a rhythm with a cycle of 5 notes. This is rare in Mande music. It reminds...

Many Different Rhythms : Upper Guinea

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Folklore, Didadi Festival : Koumantou, Mali

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Sunu : Sebekoro, Mali

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Folklore : Wassoulou, Mali

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Dansa : Troupe de Kayes (3)

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Sunu : Diougoun, Mali

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Sunu : Sebekoro, Mali (2)

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Bara : Segou, Mali

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Khassonka Ceremony : Kakoulou, Kayes, Mali

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Mendiani Ceremony : Koumana, Guinea

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Folklore : Sakora, Mali

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Suku : Balandougou, Guinea

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Folklore : Soninke Villagers

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Dansa : Troupe de Kayes (2)

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Soli : Mamady Traore

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This is a good video highlighting the goloba or "echauffment" of Soli (Suku) from Upper Guinea. In this video, you'll find not only djembe playing, but also useful demonstrations of the Sangban echauffment phrase a...

Dansa : Troupe de Kayes (1)

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