Roots Djembe Holy Pact Of Unwavering Commitment

We at can grant you free membership only if you read the following statements out loud in front of a witness. (preferably a holy man or lawyer type)

I, (state your name), pledge to not be a butthole on the djembe.

  • I will play active accompaniment with gusto.
  • I will help make others look and sound good.
  • I am a student. I will keep my eyes and ears open, listen and be cooperative.

I swear, I have no plans to kill, banish, or otherwise stifle the melody.

  • I like melody. I am melody’s friend.
  • I will not make my djembe sound like a metal can.
  • I’m aware that my djembe is a melodic instrument too, just like the dunduns.

I, (state your name), promise, I’ve got no aspirations to play painfully technical djembe just to confuse people in to thinking “Gosh, (s)he must be really good.” 

  • I want to play age-old phrasing with deep feeling.
  • I enjoy playing variations on themes that are true to each rhythm’s unique flavor.
  • I don’t qualify my teachers based on how bewildering, confusing, unplayable, or over-my-head their playing is. I prefer music that feels good, instead.

I’m done putting up with painful situations that leave me saying “Wait.. I thought I liked djembe.”

  • I realize that I’m not required to love all djembe music. I can just like good djembe music.
  • I know that I’m not required to destroy my hands on rock-hard cow skins.
  • I can relax. They gave me a free membership to – The Roots Djembe Learning Resource!
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