Sungurubani, Fura : Souleymane Sidibe, Matche Traore

Matche Traore and his teacher Souleymane Sidibe play two rhythms in this video shot in Bamako at The Djembe Hotel. They are joined by Sidi Jan Traore, a djembe player visiting from Kayes.

The first is a rhythm with many versions from Wassoulou known as Sungurubani. The second is called Fura in Bamako (aka Kita Soli or Soli Lent) a male circumcision rhythm.

We like this video because:

  • This video is good for studying. The djembe playing is very clear, and if you are already somewhat familiar with Suku, you’ll be able to hear the dundun line in your mind. If not, it may be difficult to know where the beat is.
  • It’s always really good to see a young man who enthusiastically respects the old language in his playing.

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